Operation Usurper

Operation Usurper

A fanfiction/parody of Attack on Titan

About Operation Usurper

Operation Usurper is a fanfiction rewrite group for the Rumbling arc of Attack on Titan which aims to make the ending fit the themes and patterns which were introducted previously in the story. The group was founded in response to the conclusion of the series, which left many fans unsatisfied with the canon ending. After hearing about the project, many talented artists and writers joined our team to aid in the rewrite. Though we are not professionals, we are dedicated fans of Isayama's work, and we put our full effort into every part of Operation Usurper in a genuine effort to improve the reading experience of the manga. This is a non-profit group, and our artists and writers make no money off this project. It is truly a labor of love and a passion project that our team members have poured many hours into. We have no hate for Isayama and respect him for the incredible story that he had delivered for over 10 years. Thank you for reading about Operation Usurper and we hope you enjoy our expansive rewrite!

Meet the Team

Meet all our fantastic talented volunteers. These passionate people take Usurper from just a bunch of discussions and ideas to finished pages on your screens. Join us! Send a DM to anyone below to get in touch - we don't bite :)


Art Director, Artist

I wanted to improve my art and contribute to a more satisfying conclusion for the manga



I just keep moving forward until my ideal ending is restored



Ambitious artist side-tracked by the shittiest ending, i keep moving forward until all canon shit is destroyed



Candice told me to join

Leaks Repaired

Hackerman. I maintain the tech side of things

Joined fueled by hate. Stayed for the love.

Chaide Orphound


I want to see that "scenery"



Wanted to get back in touch with my artistic side, and since I love AoT, thought this would be a great way to do that


Artist / help with typesetting sometimes

I wanted to get out of my comfort zone art wise


Screentoner/Writer/Community Server Mod

I simply wanted to rewrite AoT's crappy ending with some friends.

Hunter Jun

Artist and sometimes translator

I just keep trying on what I like

Ahri (Frances)


Drawing is my passion. I’ve joined to explore creativity and check out different talented artists for this project.


Storyboarder/Artist. I enjoy making layouts

Learning artist and taking up projects helps me to draw more.



Saw this projects first few chapters and really wanted to be a part of it

Infinite Justice

Proofreader/Community Server Mod

Wanted to be part of the project to get final closure to let this story go. The ending wasn’t worth the time and hype. I believe Usurper will provide the necessary catharsis and validation the series deserved. Any other opinion is wrong and you should feel ashamed of yourself.

Ofek Mantzur

Wallpaper Credits

Oh feel free to use my painting, just credit me :) https://redd.it/oq3c88